Paper Chasers TV Presents: 4-IZE – The Musical Documentary Coming Soon

Catch 4-IZE in the documentary “Paper Chasers TV Presents: 4-IZE” coming soon to the Documentary and Reality TV Channel. 4-Ize was first interviewed almost 20 years ago in the documentary feature film from director Maxie D. Collier titeld “Paper Chasers”. The Atlanta-based rapper 4-IZE is again on the rise with stories from his journey in the industry.

Hailing from Chicago, 4-IZE has his fans eagerly looking forward to his “Verse-A-Day” rhymes on Instagram. An underground rap champion in Atlanta and a former member of DTP, 4-IZE is a proven lyricist and has earned the respect of both underground and mainstream rappers. He celebrates his successes in the music industry, shares tips on his legendary lyrical style, and shares his day to day life with the crew.

“Paper Chasers TV Presents” is a multi-part series of episodes based on the critically acclaimed “Paper Chasers” documentary feature film of 2003 which premieed at Tribeca, aired on Netflix and premiered on the IFC. To watch it first, add the Documentary and Reality TV channel on your Roku, or visit and click Roku on the menu to add our channel to watch on your TV.

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