Smithsonian Institution’s Cosmic Voyage with Morgan Freeman

Cosmic Voyage is a beautifully produced documentary by the Smithsonian Institution. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this piece features educational scientific information on our planet and the cosmos.

Cosmic Voyage premiered in 1996 by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air And Space Museum, and was shown in IMAX Theaters worldwide. The film takes the viewers on a spectacular journey through the corners of the observable universe. Stylized a la cosmic zoom, the film begins from the surface of the earth and extends to the largest observable structures in the universe, then once again returns to the earth and down to the atomic level of matter.

Cosmic Voyage is a groundbreaking film that provides the latest information on scientific findings on the structure of the universe while simultaneously combining it with modern computer animation and special effects. Viewers may enjoy major events like the Big Bang, creation of planets, and more. The film is directed and produced by Bayley Silleck along with Jeffrey Marvin, and was nominated for an Academy Award in Best Documentary Short Subject in 1997.

Watch the full documentary here on the Documentary and Reality TV Channel.

To add the channel on your Roku device, click HERE and add the channel to enjoy the content.

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